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This is the smallest cup we offer (apart from the espresso sets). We designed these cuties for those who can’t live without good quality black coffee or loves to drink tea for their own pleasure – we feel that 150ml is the ideal size for that. Designing the handle to fit such small body and still look good was a challenge – you be the judge if we did good or not.

Volume: 150ml
Height: ~5cm
Width: ~9cm at the widest point (excluding the handle)

This product is made from stoneware clay – a strong and very dense clay body fired in temperatures above 1200 Celsius. Because of this reason you can safely use it in a microwave or a dishwasher.

We slipcast most of our ceramic products. This lets us use liquid clay to achieve the desired forms and a thin wall which makes the product look more modern and not too heavy. Every step in the process is made with our own hands – from a sketch on paper, making a model, plaster forms, slipcasting, tidying up the products, glazing to finally sending it to your home for you to enjoy.

Please keep in mind that dimensions and finish can vary a bit because these are hand made items.

Every screen portrays colors in a different manner, so we can not guarantee that what you see on your screen will match the actual colors 100%.